Panfruit Ukraine

True Taste of Nature

About Panfruit Ukraine

ASC “Panfruit Ukraine” – is a cooperative, uniting farmers, who grow organic berries in central Ukraine (Kyiv and Poltava regions). It is an initiative of people with a common passion – healthy organic food. Lands of each of the farmers – members of cooperative, have not been cultivated with chemicals for more than 10 years. Not only we provide our clients with delicious fresh berries of highest quality, but also maintain and enhance environmental quality of lands and resources for future generations.

We manage soil health, weeds and pests in a natural way, using no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or other materials that can harm the environment. Instead of chemicals we use organic technics such as crop rotation, green manure, cover crops and compost. This approach helps us to cope with all challenges of organic farming.

Before we could name our product organic, a government-approved certifier, recognized by European certification bodies, carries out control and inspection at all stages of growing, harvesting and storing the product to ensure that all members of the cooperative comply with all the rules under EU standards applicable to organic products and procedures.